George W. “Bud” Hippisley, W2RU

Roanoke Division Director

January 1, 2019 Update

Effective at noon today, New Year’s Day 2019, I became the Roanoke Division Director for the American Radio Relay League, Inc. In that role, I serve on ARRL’s Board of Directors, representing League members throughout the states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia.

This site is my personal site. Generally, for information relating to the Roanoke Division and my activities as an ARRL Director you should visit the “official” Roanoke Division web site (

Whether related to ARRL or not, my preferred mode of communicating is via e-mail. My new e-mail address is, but and continue to work, as well.

November 17, 2018 Update

Election day has come and gone. I am honored to be chosen by voting members of ARRL’s Roanoke Division to be your Director for the next three years.

To answer questions some of you have been asking in the wake of yesterday’s vote tallies:

As future events unfold and additional information becomes available, I will provide updates here or at a clearly identified successor to this site.

Again, “Thank you!” to all of you who voted for Board transparency — and especially to those of you, both within and outside our Roanoke Division, who helped spread that message in other ways, as well. From the beginning of my campaign, this has always been about striving for “a better ARRL”.

73 —
Bud, W2RU
Penhook, VA