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Roanoke Division Director


This is the Home page for the W2RU Roanoke Division Director 2018 campaign. You’ve probably come here to learn more about me and what I stand for. If so, the tabs at the top of this page will take you to other pages covering specific aspects of me as an individual and identifying the reasons(s) I have chosen to run against the incumbent.

Critical Dates

If you are a voting member of ARRL as of this past September 10th, you will be receiving a paper ballot in the mail around the beginning of October. Please mark on your calendar ⎯ or add an alarm on your cell phone ⎯ that your properly filled-out ballot must be back at ARRL before noon on Friday, November 16th. This means you will need to mail it by Friday, November 9th or sooner ⎯ or use an overnight delivery service no later than during the day Wednesday, November 14th ⎯ to be sure your vote is counted! The Schedule page shows detailed schedule of what happens between now and the end of the 2018 election season.

How to Help

Time is short. If you feel you know enough about me and my position on key issues affecting ARRL and amateur radio to vote for me, please tell your friends who are League members that I am running for Roanoke Division Director — just like K1SO is with the photo below. We need to get the word to those who may not be aware of the important issues that will be decided by this election.

Photo courtesy of NZ6T and WM3T

Despite the “free” inclusion of a 300-word statement from each candidate in the ballot envelope that is coming your way, campaigns cost money. After you learn what you need to about me and where I stand on key issues affecting not just ARRL but all of amateur radio, please consider making a contribution to my campaign by one of the ways listed on the Contributions page.

Content Updates

Because I was a late entrant into this year’s election process, and because it took me four iterations before ARRL’s “Ethics and Elections Committee” deemed my ballot statement “acceptable”, I’m going to be adding material to this web site throughout the rest of September and perhaps on into the beginning of October. So please check back here from time to time to see what’s new.

If you have comments or questions for me about the campaign, please e-mail

Thanks for stopping by! I hope this site will answer your questions and give you plenty of reasons to vote for W2RU for Roanoke Division Director!

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